Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cross Country In Dargaville

A couple of months ago we had cross country in Ohaewai and the people who came in Top 15 so they went to Dargaville to represent our school, KWS in the Northland Cross country.  I was one of the people who made it .  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mt Cook Maunga

With Mrs Wallace Room 17 went on Kiwi Kids News to find a interesting topic.  I chose Mt Cook because that is my Maunga.  I think i done well with the information because most of the time i copy it off the internet. Next time i should maybe be colorwise.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Attempts on unicycles With Christian

Last Week Room 17 practised how to ride unicycles with Christian.  I was a bit wobbly.  I think i done well because i was very persistent.  Next time i should concentrate.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Introducing Mihi !!!

Room 17 were doing a presentation about Introducing Ourselves just by looking you know I'm Mihi.  What i think i done well is explained what i like.  Next time i think i should give more info. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Research on Anaconda

Yesterday with Miss Wallace we were researching on anaconda.  I think i done an amazing Job explaining the habitat.  Next time i should put more information in the facts.

Hope you learn something!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Using Place Value to solve Multiplication

This Week my group Spheres have been doing another digital object.  Mine is an example about Using place value to solve multiplication.  I think i explained it good. Next time i should explain a bit more to make it clearer.

Hope you learn something :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Success in Cross Country

Hi Everyone , Today was the biggest day EVER.  It was cross country i had such a awesome time.  Guess Why? I came second YEAH OH i was supporting the best house Tuatara and since i am a house captain i was supporting all the little kids.  Here are some photos of the winners.

This is me.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Leaving of the Beautiful Whaea Ariana

Last Friday our Student teacher Whaea Ariana was leaving ( it was a very emotional moment).  So we decided to have a onsie day.  We all brought our onsie's , Whaea Ariana has a giraffe. We had a shared lunch and a cool as disco. We were getting Whaea Ariana to bust out her mean moves.      

We will miss you Whaea Ariana but your beloved memory will never fade from our class and hearts.

Here are some photos.

This is Whaea ariana

Friday, August 15, 2014

That was summer

In Room 17 we have been writing a poem about our memories of Summer.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Show don't tell Writing

For two days our class have been learning with Miss Smith how to show don't tell an emotion in our writing. We also learnt how to write in the third person that means you are not allowed to include yourself not even saying me, ahau, au, mine , me, my, us , we etc.  I think I done well by describing how they felt.  Next time i should make more of a cliff hanger.
If you can please comment to see what emotion the person is feeling. 

Here is my story ,  you can read and listen .

“Smash smash smash” went the thought against his head . “Stomp stomp stomp” went the veranda under his feet as he clopped like a horse to his room.  “Arghhhhhh” he shrieked as he threw his remote control car at the window with sweat running down his red cheeks “ what was he going to do to pay the damage...

Hope you Enjoy :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Black Witch

This Week we have been learning how to write narrative story's.  I put my story on because it is one of my best work pieces.  I think i did a great job writing but next time i need to learn how to structure my sentences.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Christy .  She had gold hair that glistened and swayed in the air as she ran.  On Christies 16th birthday her Mother asked her to go pick some apples for a apple crumble.  So Christie’s Mother handed her a basket to put the apples in.  Off she went .  Then suddenly a thought popped into her head “ have Mother and Father forgotten my birthday” hope not she sighed.  But her Mother and Father hadn’t, that’s why they sent her to go pick apples so they were able to prepare a surprise for her birthday.  At last she got to the green bloom that supplied her apples.  Away she went picking some then she decided she had enough.  But there was something her mother forgot to tell her” don’t pick the apples from the first tree because they have a spell on them and when you pick one you grow hungry” .  After a while Christie felt hungry so she ate one.  A few moments later her face bubbled and boiled and she turned into a horrific black witch . “Ahhhhh what’s happening to me” she screamed. She suddenly turned into a witch. “ I feel quite evil” she cackled “nobody can stop me from ruining the whole entire town. “Holy black witches, what was that” she shrieked as something that appeared to be a broom flew past her eyes.  “Well if it isn’t my very own broom” she laughed  and with that, off she went to the palace feeling quite bitter and spiteful because she was going to tell her parents that she was going to destroy the town if they didn’t do anything quicksmart.  The parents knew exactly who she was, why she was, and how she turned into such a hideous creature, so they came up with a plan because Christy’s mother had made the same mistake.  This was their plan; somehow they were going to trick her into getting buried alive because in 3 hours she would turn back to normal, but 2 people were not enough to capture Christy so they rang the police.  When the police came they asked where Christy was and they said “on top of the cafe roof”.  When they got there, there were smashed windows and on the top, there was Christy.  The police had a net in there car, Christy hadn’t seen them yet so they snuck up behind her and captured her, she started screaming . People were ordered to dig a hole at the beach quickly.  The police cuffed Christy and  took her into the police car to the place she was getting buried.  When they arrived the hole was dug so they took christy to the hole and pushed her in then buried her.  3 hours later everyone came back and there was the normal little Christy.  She ran and hugged her mum “ What happened to me Mama” Long story Christy” lets go home.

Liona and Mihi's Hurt Free advertisement

Our Inquiry Focus this Term was Mana Whenua. Our class decided we should do posters or ad's, Liona and I chose ad's. I think we done a Great Job on incorporating Good Values together.Next time we have to speak louder.Here is our video.

Our photographer was Hineataahua.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Explode the Moment

This Week Room 17 have been learning to show not tell.  I think i done very well at doing this. Next time i need to remember my punctuation 
add detail to our writing to make it interesting to our reader

Success Criteria

- use descriptive details (use brainstorm above)

- starts with something that was said or thought

- use expressive vocabulary

- describe the event so the reader feels as though they are there

- use different sentence beginnings and types

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 , “ready or not” here i come my sister  shouted.  My cousin Quilyn silently  said” i bet ya 50 bux she won’t find us” “ hush “ i whispered. We were in the burnt rotting haunted house up on the hill by Uncle Bens house, at that moment i heard creaky footsteps above where we were hiding which was under the broken floorboards.

My sister muttered to herself “dam” there not here either where could they be” and with that she walked away.  “Yes” i squeaked we are the bosses at this game,my cousin smiled her cheeky smile and said”told you she wouldn’t find us”.  Suddenly after about three hours my sister called out, “where are you” i told my cousin not to say anything .

Then we waited and heard a distant call so i decided we should hide somewhere else because i thought i could hear ghost.  I told my cousin and she said”nah bo”lets stay here.  I guess so i thought and then we heard my sister she was coming, each time getting nearer and nearer.

I mouthed to my cousin “ be as quiet as you can or she will find us “  “ok” she mouthed back.  The floorboards creaked splinters falling onto us but we didn’t care.  My sister was banging at the cupboards how i knew because there were loud bangs then i heard a wail and i instantly knew she gave up because she started wailing.  “Ok you win “but that was just a lure then i heard another person it was my other cousin Patrick he probably got found.  So Patrick and Te aroha teamed up and came into the haunted house.

We heard them say “ you check in the cupboards and i will check under the floorboards”. “Oh no i thought” we are going to get caught.  At last they found us . Then seconds later my aunt called “Dinner time”.  “Yipee” we chimed as we ran back.
As soon as my aunt saw us she said “what have you been up to”.  “Long story” we all said.

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Paint a Picture Animation

Last Week we were doing a animation on our Paint a picture story .  I think i done a awesome job and next time I should be more imaginative.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Matariki Presentation

This Week with Mr J Room 17 have been designing a Matariki Presentation. I think I done all right .  But next time i should explain more so others understand.

My Paint a picture

The Mystery of the Wharepaku

This Week Room 17 have been painting a picture for writing. I like mine because i was making it up. I think I should put more detail into my writing.

add detail to our creative writing to make it interesting to our reader

Success Criteria

- use of descriptive words to build a picture

- use different sentence beginnings and types

- use expressive vocabulary

- describe the event so the reader feels as though they are there

- be creative and imaginative


As I walked past the laundry door I saw  another door on the door “How strange is that, in fact that is not strange because I’ve seen a flying sausage before” I thought to myself .  Without a doubt I walked to the door , I was such a fatty I couldn’t fit through.  For a moment I thought I was seeing things but actually down by the door there was a little bottle of pink liquid and just by luck it said “ Drink me if you dare but beware”. So if you really know me i drank it.  Then in a couple of seconds i could feel myself shrinking, it felt weird but then guess what i turned into “ a kind of maori minion” and with that i marched on in. Ding ding went the bell in my brain how are you going to open the door i thought “easy” i laughed, and with precaution trying not to be too loud, just in case my dog notices me i tiptoed to the kitchen. For once there was no one in the kitchen which i found weird. I climbed up the handles on the spoons,knives, and forks cupboard , and on the bench there were some scissors that mum was obviously using to get silver beet off the garden.  I grabbed them and then ventured back to the edge of the bench and jumped off.  Then i ran back to that unusual door then held the scissors and then started hacking at the keyhole then finally it opened just enough for me to go in.  As i entered i seen nothing but pitch black, i started sulking and i came to my sense which was carry on.  I spotted a dim light by the door i grabbed it and shut the white door behind me.  I saw some wisps so i followed them and the wisps led me to another door.  I heard the flush of a toilet i whispered to myself “ no of course that wasn’t the flush of a toilet i thought” i curiously opened the door to find a toilet talking to another one.  I ran out and screamed “ ahh mum talking toilets”. I raced out the way i came in slammed the door .  Oh no i can’t go big again.  Then i seen a the bottle that said “ drink me” and then quick as a lightning bolt i drank it and the a last i was back my normal size.  “Oh what a extraordinary adventure that was” i muttered.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Coco's Island Mystery

WALT use all our senses to create a mental picture from the text.
This Week we were doing a presentation about this book we read.

Here is a picture of a ship landing on the island , I used Sumo paint to design it. I think my pictures a cool. Next time I should have more information

Friday, June 6, 2014

Being House Captain

This Week Room 17 were doing a story describing a time we were successful.  I think my story was alright.  next time i should be more ecstatic about writing.
You are going to write a descriptive recount, telling our audience about a time you were successful.
Describe a time we were successful
Success Criteria
Have you remembered…
- start with something that was said or thought
- Use punctuation (capital letters to start sentences and names and fullstops to end)
- to put everything in the right order
- use describing words and lots of detail.
- Re-read it to check it makes sense

Omg I was so impatient when we were doing the drum roll because I wanted to know who the new captains were but I really  wanted to know who was house captain for tuatara .  Haha mouthed Waiwai as Miss Wihongi announced me the other captain of the best house Tuatara.

I was so proud of myself for achieving this because these were always one of my goals and it came true. I reckon I will be a good house captain.

Meanwhile all I could hear was the sound of House names but it sounded like Turatara. All that screaming gave me a ear ache but I still think that Tuatara is the best even though everybody cheers for Tuna Weta and Koura.

I reckon people thought I was a right choice because they had the courage to come and say Well done.  I was really happy that they thought that way .

“Oh Wowza” I thought to myself you are the new house captain and  i said “Yeah Oh” aloud.

My Hurt Free Movie

This Week we have been designing a movie demonstrating our Hurt Free Values.I like how i said that bullying is not OK. I don't know what i should fix for next time.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Room 17's Assembly

This Week it was Room 17's assembly and we had to write about how we felt.I liked the picture i used. Next time I should write more.

Kia Ora, 

Guess What? It was our assembly this Wednesday and I was performing a dance with some of my friends like Liona,Journey,Kiana,Waimarama and I, I felt so agitated by the crowd .  I also done the Mihi with Maurice.I felt a rare tingle going down my spine a rather weird one although I was very ecstatic.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Maths Project

This Week in Maths We have been creating our own Digital Learning Object and Liona my partner, and I have made a DLO about a little bit more a little bit less.I hope this helps you if your struggling in maths.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My BIO Poem

Is Swag,Talented,Beautiful and On Top of the World 
Who is the grandniece of April.
Loves animals,insects and her friends and family.
She has experienced being lonely being jubilant and encouraged.
Is scared of spiders,snakes and sharks.
Who accomplished having lots of friends and being a house captain and ambassador.
She wants to go to university and work as a person who looks after animals
lives in Kaikohe.

Who thinks Tuatara is way better than Tuna Koura & Weta.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Day Out

WALT-recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

In the weekend my aunt, uncle, cousin, my sister and I went to the Paoneone  beach to go fishing.   I was really ecstatic because I love fishing.  First me, my cousin and my sister went searching for big crabs for bait. We saw a gigantic purple crab in a rock pool.  We tried to kill it with knife but it pinched me and I got angry.

Then we had to prepare our rods by putting sinkers and hooks on them and then our bait.  I cast my rod into the water and waited. A few minutes later   there was a   huge big wrench, then it happened again, I reeled in my rod   but there was only a little fish.  I just about cried.  Seconds later my sister was yanking her rod back and forth and I  knew she had a fish .  My aunty emphasized that she should pull it but she ignored her until her rod nearly fell in the water.  She pulled it up and on the end of her line was a humongous rock cod I nearly fainted at the sight it was so big.  There was one problem though she could not get it off the hook so my cousin helped her because she was struggling.

Later on I was getting impatient so I went on a journey looking for different kinds of sea urchins.  I found a kina, a mussel and other stuff too.  Then a couple hours later I heard a scream of excitement.  I ran so fast I  nearly  tripped over because I wanted to know who caught the fish and who screamed.  ”What bad luck” I announced as my sister dropped a  substantially big Kahuwai. My sister was so irate she nearly lost concentration and fell in the water.  Finally  we were on the way home ‘’What a splendiferous day”I sighed.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Term 1 Reflection

Today Room 17 was doing a reflection on how our Term went and what we need to improve on.
This is my reflection for this Term and next Term its going to be much better I hope.
What was your best moment in term one?
My best moment in Term 1 was receiving my chromebook because I didn’t want to work in my books any more.Also because I always have wanted my own learning device.

What was the most important thing you learnt?
The most important thing I learnt was being a role model for our school and class because I wanted to be a head girl and ambassador.Instead of  like last year i kept on talking to my mates.

What subject do you do the best in this term and why?
The subject I done the best and improved was reading because last year I was in a low group and this year I am in the highest.Plus its harder so it gets my brain working hard instead of having something easy.

What subject did you not do so well in and why?
The subject I need to work on is my maths because i need to improve on my maths strategies.Also because I sometimes didn’t get to finish my work but I tried hard.

Did I manage my time wisely this term? How? e.g. finishing most tasks, working independently.
I think I did because I got on with my work when I wasn’t with my friend.But when I am with my friends I get only some things done.

What can I do differently next term to improve? Why?
Next Term I am going to not work with my friends and go work with the other people in my class because I become a chatterbox. Plus I am going to work harder.  

Give yourself smiley faces out of 10 to show how well you have done this term:

/10   ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Monday, April 14, 2014

Toku Whakapapa

This Term in Room 17 we were reciting our Whakapapa to become confident and independent when it comes to saying it.Also we had to recite it without looking at our document because we had to record it on Audio Boo.

I think that I was loud and clear.
But next time I think I should  should slow down.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Just Kidding Story

This week we were reading a book called Just Kidding for Reading.We had to do a summarise and answer questions and we had to record ourself on AudioBoo.
  The thing I liked doing was using AudioBoo to record myself.
   Next time I think I should read more clearer.

listen to ‘Just Kidding’ on Audioboo

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The most important thing about Life

The most important thing about LifeScreenshot 2014-04-03 at 11.41.37.png

Is you are with your family

And you meet new people and friends

You have new open opportunities

You are born you live and then you die.

But the most important thing about Life

is you are with your family.