Friday, May 9, 2014

My Day Out

WALT-recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

In the weekend my aunt, uncle, cousin, my sister and I went to the Paoneone  beach to go fishing.   I was really ecstatic because I love fishing.  First me, my cousin and my sister went searching for big crabs for bait. We saw a gigantic purple crab in a rock pool.  We tried to kill it with knife but it pinched me and I got angry.

Then we had to prepare our rods by putting sinkers and hooks on them and then our bait.  I cast my rod into the water and waited. A few minutes later   there was a   huge big wrench, then it happened again, I reeled in my rod   but there was only a little fish.  I just about cried.  Seconds later my sister was yanking her rod back and forth and I  knew she had a fish .  My aunty emphasized that she should pull it but she ignored her until her rod nearly fell in the water.  She pulled it up and on the end of her line was a humongous rock cod I nearly fainted at the sight it was so big.  There was one problem though she could not get it off the hook so my cousin helped her because she was struggling.

Later on I was getting impatient so I went on a journey looking for different kinds of sea urchins.  I found a kina, a mussel and other stuff too.  Then a couple hours later I heard a scream of excitement.  I ran so fast I  nearly  tripped over because I wanted to know who caught the fish and who screamed.  ”What bad luck” I announced as my sister dropped a  substantially big Kahuwai. My sister was so irate she nearly lost concentration and fell in the water.  Finally  we were on the way home ‘’What a splendiferous day”I sighed.


  1. Kia Ora mihi, my name is Toko. I am 10 and I go to Tautoro school I didn't no what ecstatic meant but i know now thank you for your cool story. From Toko

    1. Kia Ora ,Toko As you probably know by now name is Mihi I am also 10 years of age.Thank you for commenting on my story.Why do you like it? I kind of think it is a bit boring.Do you have a blog ? If you do can i have a look and then I will comment.

  2. Kia ora Mihi, my name is Shilaine I am 9 year old that goes to Tautoro School. Awesome writing!! Keep up the great mahi!! I saw some awesome language, I wonder if you can teach me some awesome language like that so I can use it for my writing. Well i'll see you later!!! From Shilaine. (we don't have blog sites yet, but we have a class one