Friday, June 6, 2014

Being House Captain

This Week Room 17 were doing a story describing a time we were successful.  I think my story was alright.  next time i should be more ecstatic about writing.
You are going to write a descriptive recount, telling our audience about a time you were successful.
Describe a time we were successful
Success Criteria
Have you remembered…
- start with something that was said or thought
- Use punctuation (capital letters to start sentences and names and fullstops to end)
- to put everything in the right order
- use describing words and lots of detail.
- Re-read it to check it makes sense

Omg I was so impatient when we were doing the drum roll because I wanted to know who the new captains were but I really  wanted to know who was house captain for tuatara .  Haha mouthed Waiwai as Miss Wihongi announced me the other captain of the best house Tuatara.

I was so proud of myself for achieving this because these were always one of my goals and it came true. I reckon I will be a good house captain.

Meanwhile all I could hear was the sound of House names but it sounded like Turatara. All that screaming gave me a ear ache but I still think that Tuatara is the best even though everybody cheers for Tuna Weta and Koura.

I reckon people thought I was a right choice because they had the courage to come and say Well done.  I was really happy that they thought that way .

“Oh Wowza” I thought to myself you are the new house captain and  i said “Yeah Oh” aloud.

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