Friday, July 25, 2014

The Black Witch

This Week we have been learning how to write narrative story's.  I put my story on because it is one of my best work pieces.  I think i did a great job writing but next time i need to learn how to structure my sentences.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Christy .  She had gold hair that glistened and swayed in the air as she ran.  On Christies 16th birthday her Mother asked her to go pick some apples for a apple crumble.  So Christie’s Mother handed her a basket to put the apples in.  Off she went .  Then suddenly a thought popped into her head “ have Mother and Father forgotten my birthday” hope not she sighed.  But her Mother and Father hadn’t, that’s why they sent her to go pick apples so they were able to prepare a surprise for her birthday.  At last she got to the green bloom that supplied her apples.  Away she went picking some then she decided she had enough.  But there was something her mother forgot to tell her” don’t pick the apples from the first tree because they have a spell on them and when you pick one you grow hungry” .  After a while Christie felt hungry so she ate one.  A few moments later her face bubbled and boiled and she turned into a horrific black witch . “Ahhhhh what’s happening to me” she screamed. She suddenly turned into a witch. “ I feel quite evil” she cackled “nobody can stop me from ruining the whole entire town. “Holy black witches, what was that” she shrieked as something that appeared to be a broom flew past her eyes.  “Well if it isn’t my very own broom” she laughed  and with that, off she went to the palace feeling quite bitter and spiteful because she was going to tell her parents that she was going to destroy the town if they didn’t do anything quicksmart.  The parents knew exactly who she was, why she was, and how she turned into such a hideous creature, so they came up with a plan because Christy’s mother had made the same mistake.  This was their plan; somehow they were going to trick her into getting buried alive because in 3 hours she would turn back to normal, but 2 people were not enough to capture Christy so they rang the police.  When the police came they asked where Christy was and they said “on top of the cafe roof”.  When they got there, there were smashed windows and on the top, there was Christy.  The police had a net in there car, Christy hadn’t seen them yet so they snuck up behind her and captured her, she started screaming . People were ordered to dig a hole at the beach quickly.  The police cuffed Christy and  took her into the police car to the place she was getting buried.  When they arrived the hole was dug so they took christy to the hole and pushed her in then buried her.  3 hours later everyone came back and there was the normal little Christy.  She ran and hugged her mum “ What happened to me Mama” Long story Christy” lets go home.

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