Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Success in Cross Country

Hi Everyone , Today was the biggest day EVER.  It was cross country i had such a awesome time.  Guess Why? I came second YEAH OH i was supporting the best house Tuatara and since i am a house captain i was supporting all the little kids.  Here are some photos of the winners.

This is me.


  1. Ka mau te wehi mahi Mihi!! To you, Waimarama, Journey, Janita and Hare, Ka Pai!!! We'll all have to have a run sometime, out of us all and see who wins!

    1. Hi Whaea Ariana. Thankyou very much for your compliment. I did try very very very hard to come 2nd

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  3. Hey Mihi I really like the way you tried your best at running and came second place.

  4. HEY MIHI good gob at cross country i am glad you came second but next time you should come first but exept for that GOOD LUCK NEXT TIME