Monday, August 18, 2014

The Leaving of the Beautiful Whaea Ariana

Last Friday our Student teacher Whaea Ariana was leaving ( it was a very emotional moment).  So we decided to have a onsie day.  We all brought our onsie's , Whaea Ariana has a giraffe. We had a shared lunch and a cool as disco. We were getting Whaea Ariana to bust out her mean moves.      

We will miss you Whaea Ariana but your beloved memory will never fade from our class and hearts.

Here are some photos.

This is Whaea ariana


  1. Heeey Mihi, Thank you for your beautiful post and photos you've put on your blog. I loved every minute spent with you all and I will DEFINATELY come and visit you all sometime soon. It was an awesome time last friday spent relaxing with you all as well as having a primo kai and a kanikani! I miss you all

  2. Oh Hi, i really really miss you. Does that mean i don't need to treasure your memories because your going to see us?. PS Anyway i put you as my background. When are you coming to pick up Te Waimarama. Lots of love Mihi :)

  3. hey mihi, it is purely up to you as to what you do with them :) I really really miss you all soo much too!

    Im not too sure when ill come by, im back at uni now, but when im next free ill definitely come by and see you all again.... It was quite upsetting not coming back on monday but i will be back :) Lots of love Whaea Ariana xx

  4. Hi Whaea Ariana, I really love your giraffe onsies they are really cool. I have a pink and purple stripey onsie, i think you will like it. From Azalea in Room 9